Engineering & Quality


  • Product idea or Vision
    Specialized expertise in material & microfabrication
  • Design review & Proposal
    Coil design fit to customer specifications
  • Prototype
    Design and fabrication of specialized tools & equipment
  • Sample evaluation & Feasibility test
    Quality and process management for mass production
  • Final specification for mass production
    Production Optimization / Automation


With a monthly production volume of more than 10 million parts, we cater to a wide variety of industries. From lighting, vacuum and analytical instruments, printing machinery, medical equipment, to semiconductors, various industrial equipment and even space satellite components. The demands from our customers, of whom are leaders in their own fields, have various property and quality demands. To meet these demands, we have continuously strived to strengthen our quality control system to meet the needs of our customers.

  • Factory Audit

    On average, we conduct 10 quality audits per year. Establishing internal quality rules to ensure compliance with each manufacturer, we maintain the same commitment to quality when establishing new business relationships with our clients.

  • Quality Control System

    Quality processes such as PPAP for automotive applications, APQP, QC Flow chart, and Work Instruction Documents for various industrial demands, are also supported.

  • Traceability

    Our proprietary production management system allows us to ensure that small-lot, high-variety products are thoroughly controlled and ensures full traceability of the products.

Evaluation Capability

We have a vast array of measuring equipment to evaluate the various surface conditions, strength, size and materials of the products we manufacture.

  • 3D Measurement

    Capturing 3D images and measuring dimensions, surface roughness, and other parameters of different parts

  • Ultra high resolution observation

    High-magnification, high-resolution surface images

  • Image Dimension Measurement

    Measuring various dimensions on a sample based on its projected image

  • Imaging Analysis

    Analysis of the surface composition of materials

  • Hardness Testing

    Vickers hardness testing for parts and materials

  • Automatic Load Testing

    Tensile strength (breaking strength) of materials (wire) measurement

  • Element Analysis

    Observation of surface condition of samples using high-magnification electron images


ISO 9001:2015

Quality Management System

ISO 14001:2015

Environmental Management System