Our 27μm outer diameter coils have been certified by the Guinness Book of World Records as “the Smallest commercially available metal coil”.

We offer rare and precious metal coiling services, working with rare metals and difficult to cut metals such as W, Mo, Ta, Re-W, SUP, SUS, Pr, Au and more.

Our production capabilities include, but are not limited to Single Coils; shaped like a spring, Double coils; wound over a single coil, Variable pitch coils; with custom spacing between the windings, and legged coils; with a connecting wire.

  • Single coiling

  • Double coiling

  • Variable coiling

  • Mandrel-less coiling

coiling-table coiling-table

*1 Coil pitch: Ratio of distance between wire diameters to wire diameter; values in the table are recommendations.

*2 MD/WD ratio: Ratio of core wire (mandrel) diameter to wire diameter


We offer various grinding capabilities for our customers. Sharpening of the tip, D-cut and H-cut processing as well as a combination of these processes. We are also able to offer Flattening or Round chamfering of the tip.

  • Sharp tip

  • D-cut

  • H-cut

  • Combined processing

grinding-table grinding-table
  • Cone Shape

  • Flat Shape

  • Ball Point Shape

  • Round Shape


We also provide NC lathing of difficult to machine metals such as tungsten and molybdenum. We are experienced in other complex machining capabilities such as Tip machining, groove machining and a combination of additional services such as welding different parts to machined components.

  • Tip shaping

  • Groove milling

  • Machining + Grinding

  • Machining + Coil welding

machining-table machining-table


We perform precision cutting of continuous coils. Other than Shear cutting and grinder cutting, we also offer laser cutting, which involves firing a focused laser beam to cut the edges, and utilization of wire saws for fine cutting.

  • Shear cutting

  • Laser cutting

  • Fine cutting

cutting-table cutting-table


We perform welding of different refractory metals, and welding of refractory and general metals. A distinctive feature of our welding is that it utilizes the difference in melting points to minimize the brittleness of the refractory metal weld.

The welding method is chosen based on the part shape, and type of metal. Laser welding, resistance welding and brazing are used depending on the situation. By utilizing these methods, we achieve high-quality and strong welds.

  • YAG laser welding

  • Fiber laser welding

  • Brazing

  • Resistance welding

welding-table welding-table


We specialize in the assembly of components that require high assembly precision such as electron emission filaments, thermionic filaments, stem and grid parts welding, press fitting of air purifier discharge needles to a resin or metal base, electric scalpel electrode precision parts, and pipes.

  • Dissimilar Metal Welding

  • Mixed-material interference Assembly

  • Riveting

assembly-table assembly-table

Heat Treatment

Our company specializes in the heat treatment of tungsten coils, filaments, as well as various electronic components, including reduction treatment by hydrogen annealing, and degassing treatment by vacuum processing.

  • Hydrogen Furance

  • Vacuum Furnace

  • Flushing unit

  • Muffle Furance

heattreatment-table heattreatment-table

Surface Treatment

We offer various techniques for surface treatment such as heat treatment and chemical treatment. We are also capable of coating metal surfaces with different materials.

  • Surface Oxidation Treatment

  • Electrolytic Polishing

  • Coating

  • Plating

surfacetreatment-table surfacetreatment-table